Legends of Japan

NPR 325,000 /-

Tokyo- Kyoto-Osaka


Duration : 9 days

Day 1

Tokyo Arrival :Wel come to Japan

On arrival in Tokyo, you will be transferred to your hotel on seat in coach basis. Rest of the Evening is at Leisure.

Day 2

Tokyo: Grand Full day tour with Lunch

Breakfast at hotel. Please make your own way to Celestine hotel by 8:15 pm. You will be picked up by 8:30. Tour will start from Dai-Ichi hotel located in Shimbashi. (Please note pick up point will change as per selection of hotel) Tokyo Tower. Enjoy a panorama of Tokyo from the main observation platform. (Approx. 30 minutes). Meiji Shrine Take in a fine example of Japanese shrine architecture nestled in a peaceful, picturesque area. (Approx. 40 minutes) ・Akasaka Guest House(Drive by) and National Diet Building(Drive by). Imperial Palace East Garden. Ginza Shopping District (Drive by). Enjoy Japanes style lunch. Vegetarian, Indian and Halal Meal available on request. Hamarikyu Garden. This garden is a typical daimyo (Japanese feudal lord) garden in the Edo period with a tidal pond. (Approx.40 min.) Sumida River Cruise Enjoy a boat ride from a Port of Tokyo, Hinode Pier to Asakusa and see a harmonious blend of old and new Tokyo.(Approx.40 min.). Asakusa Kannon Temple and Nakamise Shopping street Famous cultural landmark in Tokyo. Walk down an active shopping street Nakamise leading to one of the finest Buddhist temples in Japan. (Approx.40 min.) You have a chance to meet ninja and samurai in Asakusa. Kappabashi(Drive through). Ueno and Akihabara (Drive through) Arrive in Ueno at approx. 5:45 P.M., and in Akihabara at approx. 6:00 P.M. Return service is available to the hotel where you were picked up. Overnight at hotel.

Day 3

Mt. Fuji & Hakone Tour with Lunch by Coach

Breakfast at hotel.. You will be picked up by 07:50. Please be at the meeting location at least 10 minutes before departure.This guided 1-day tour takes you to majestic Mt. Fuji and Hakone. It includes a trip up to Mt. Fuji's 5th Station at an elevation of 2,300 meters, a cruise on pristine Lake Ashi, and a ride on the Komagatake Ropeway which boasts great views of the surrounding Hakone National Park. Mt. Fuji 5th Station (30 min) The bus will head up to the 5th Station along the Subaru Line. Lunch (50min)Vegetarian meals are available and must be requested at the time of booking. Allergy-friendly meals, etc. are not available. Customers with allergies should reserve the tour without lunch included. Lake Ashi Cruise (15 min) Komagatake Ropeway (50 min) Take a 7-minute ropeway ride to the peak of Mt. Komagatake. A total of 50 minutes will be spent here, including time to walk around at the peak. Hakone. Odawara Station Disembarking only. Please make a request when booking. The bus may not stop by if there are no prior requests for drop-off here. Overnight at hotel.

Day 4

Tokyo- Kyoto. Bullet train travel. Experience Tea Ceremony wearing a Kimono in Kyoto

Breakfast at hotel. Later on we will transfer you to Tokyo Station. Board the bullet train for Kyoto station. Make your own way to hotel. Check in to your hotel and later on make your own way to Kimono tea ceremony Maikoya Kyoto. In this workshop, a qualified instructor will walk you through step by step of traditional tea ceremony. This is a ritual-like activity where ceremonial tea is prepared and presented to promote well-being, mindfulness and harmony. It is also called the Way of the Tea. The tea itself is a powdered green tea and is called Matcha. Wearing a Kimono (Yukata in the summer season)The Japanese tea ceremony has many names in Japanese: Chanoyu, sado or ocha. It has a long history of a thousand years and has ties to the tea traders in China. Japanese monks first brought back tea leaves during the Chinese Tang dynasty (618 – 907 AD) and only used them in their temples for religious services. A priest called Myoan Eisai spread the belief that green tea could be used for medicine and by drinking it regularly you were ensured good health. Samurai in particular followed this practice and spread its popularity. Later, another priest called Murata Shukou, called the father of the tea ceremony, added more significance and rituals by making powdered tea so others could enjoy it. His focus on aesthetics became well known and heavily influences the tea ceremony that we know today. Learning about a country through cultural workshops and activities will give you a better understanding of our intricate history, valued social principals and holistic way of life. By learning about Japan and its people, you will be immersed in different perspectives and approaches that are unique to this country. Maikoya offers you opportunities to understand this culture through local instructors and guides. There is no better way to learn about a new place from the viewpoints of those who grew up and live in this amazing country. What better way to spend a day than learning a traditional, beautiful new activity with a knowledgeable tutor in a picturesque setting? You wouldn’t find friendlier people to help you experience Japan in all its splendor. Return to hotel. Overnight at hotel

Day 5

Kyoto & Nara 1-Day Tour with Lunch

Breakfast at hotel. Pick-up Service Travel from the hotel to Sunrise Tours Desk inside Avanti. Avanti’s Sunrise Tours Desk (across from Kyoto Station Hachijo Exit) Departure All transportation on this tour is by bus. Stops will be made for pick-up at hotels along the way. Nijo Castle (50 min) A World Heritage site. Tour the historical castle completed in 1626, which was built to provide lodging for Tokugawa Shogun and as a palladium for Kyoto Imperial Palace. The impressive, elaborate carvings and decors in the Ninomaru Palace are a must-see. [Remarks] Nijo Castle is closed on Tuesdays in January, July, August, and December. (Closed on the following day if Tuesday is a holiday.) if the castle is closed, or if the tour is during the year-end/New Year's holidays, Ryoan-ji Temple will be visited instead. Kinkaku-ji Temple (45 min) A World Heritage site. The wooden architecture is covered in thin layers of pure gold and is surrounded by a beautiful pond. Kyoto Imperial Palace (40 min) See the Kyoto Imperial Palace, which was used as the Emperor's residence until about 150 years ago.[Remarks] Kyoto Imperial Palace is closed to the public on the following days.During these times, Kitano Tenmangu Shrine will be visited instead. (Mondays, Tuesday if Monday is a national holiday, May 14-17 for the Aoi Festival, New Year's holidays, and whenever there is an Imperial Household event). [Mondays (and Tuesdays when Monday is a national holiday)] Kitano Tenmangu Shrine (40 min) On Mondays (and Tuesdays if a national holiday falls on the preceding Monday), this tour will visit Kitano Tenmangu Shrine instead of the Kyoto Imperial Palace. It is famous for housing the God of scholarship. This shrine's main hall is a designated national treasure. The shrine is especially great to see during the plum blossom and autumn leaf seasons. [Remarks] The tour will visit Nishi Hongan-ji Temple instead of Kitano Tenmangu Shrine on June 25, Sept. 25 and Dec. 25. Lunch (50 min) Enjoy a Japanese/Western-style buffet for lunch. As the meal is served buffet style, vegetarian customers are also welcome. During the period from Jan. 5 to Mar. 11, a one-plate lunch may be served depending on the number of participants. A menu that may also be enjoyed by vegetarians will. From Kyoto to Nara (90 min) Head to Nara via Keinawa Expressway. Todai-ji Temple (Great Buddha) / Nara Park (90 min) A World Heritage site. This is the symbol of the Nara Period and one of the world's largest wooden structures. Its huge main hall and bronze Great Buddha are impressive to behold. Kasuga Taisha Shrine (40 min) This Nara Period shrine is designated as a World Heritage Site. The deer of Nara Park are thought to be the shrine messengers. [Remarks] The tour will not enter areas requiring admission. Nara Nagomikan (20 min)The largest souvenir shop in Nara. Enjoy yourself in this spacious shop and look for the perfect souvenir. [Remarks] This facility may be omitted from the itinerary if it is closed on the day of the tour, or as a result of traffic congestion 18:30 - 19:30 Drop-off Service Head to Kyoto City Hotels. Overnight at hotel

Day 6

Kyoto- Osaka

Breakfast at hotel. Later on we will pick you up and transfer to Osaka hotel. Check in to your hotel and explore the city on your own. Overnight at hotel

Day 7

Osaka Hiroshima & Miyajima Tour (Round Trip from Osaka)

Breakfast at hotel. Today Day is at Leisure. You can explore the city on your own. Rest of the evening is at Leisure. Overnight at hotel. Pick-up Service. Hotel to Shin-Osaka Station via taxi or JR Shin-Osaka Station (110 min) Shin-Osaka Station to Hiroshima Station(Nozomi or Hikari Shinkansen, reserved seating) Hiroshima Station Walk to Hotel Granvia Hiroshima10:30 a.m.Hotel Granvia Hiroshima Head to Miyajimaguchi by bus.Depending on the number of participants, the tour will use a bus, a jumbo taxi or a train for sightseeing in Hiroshima and Miyajima. From Miyajimaguchi go to Miyajima Port (5 min) Go to Miyajima by ferry. Miyajima, Itsukushima Shrine (Please eat lunch on your own) (120 min) .A World Heritage site. Established in the 6th century, this shrine is one of Japan's finest, and is famous for its beautiful Shinden-zukuri style structure (architecture representative of a nobles' residence in the Heian period). From Miyajima Port go to Miyajimaguchi (5 min) Via ferry Depart from Miyajimaguchi (30 min) Take the bus to Peace Memorial Park Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park & Museum (100 min)This large-scale park was established in 1949 after the Pacific War ended, and is visited by countless visitors as a symbol of peace. Atomic Bomb Dome. The Atomic Bomb Dome is a symbol of the disastrous atomic bombing during WWII, the first atomic bombs used in human history, and has been preserved as it was to promote peace and elimination of atomic weapons around the world.Depart from Hiroshima Station (110 min) From Hiroshima Station go to Shin-Osaka Station (Nozomi or Hikari Shinkansen, reserved seat). Overnight at hotel in Osaka

Day 8

Kobe Sightseeing and Nada Sake Brewery Tour with Lunch (Round Trip from Osaka)

Breakfast at hotel. 9:10 a.m. Hotel Granvia Osaka Walk to Osaka Station From Osaka Station to Sannomiya Station (30 min) (JR Special Rapid Service or Rapid Service (non-reserved seat))This tour uses public transportation with non-reserved seating. Please note that seating is not guaranteed. Depart from Sannomiya Station. Transportation from site to site is via route bus (with some exceptions). Stroll through Meriken Park & Kobe Port Cruise (70 min) Meriken Park is an attractive waterfront park built on reclaimed land, and features many unique artworks. See the charm of Kobe from on board a cruise. Meriken Park is an attractive waterfront park built on reclaimed land, and features many unique artworks. See the charm of Kobe from on board a cruise.Lunch at ANA Crowne Plaza Kobe (60 min)Japanese/Western-style buffet. Stroll around Kitano Ijinkan district (30 min).Visit Kitano Ijinkan district overlooking the downtown of Kobe. From Sannomiya Station to Sumiyoshi Station.(Hanshin Line, non-reserved seat)Japanese Sake Brewery Tour (60 min).Tour the museum at Hakutsuru, one of the sake breweries in Nada. Hakutsuru Sake Brewery Museum is an old brewery in the famous sake brewing town of Nada where participants can taste test sake.The tour will walk from Sumiyoshi Station to the museum. *While people under 20 years of age may join this tour, they will not be served sake and non-alcoholic beverages will not be provided in place of alcoholic drinks.From Sumiyoshi Station to Osaka Station (20 min) (JR Special Rapid Service, Rapid Service, or Local (non-reserved seat))5:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.Osaka Station. Please head to your next destination on your own after the tour. The tour ends at Osaka Station, and there is no drop-off service to hotels. Overnight at hotel in Osaka

Day 9

Depart Osaka

Breakfast at hotel. We will pick you up from Osaka hotel to Kansai International airport on SIC basis

  • Round trip Air Fare on Ecconomy Class 
  • Japan Visa charges 
  • Accommodation in Tokyo for 3 nights with breakfast
  • Accommodation in Kyoto for 2 nights with breakfast
  •  Accommodation in Osaka for 3 nights with breakfast
  • Tokyo Grand Full day tour with Lunch includes Tokyo Tower, Meiji Shrine, Sumida River Cruise Asakusa Kannon Temple and Nakamise Shopping street, Imperial Palace East garden and many more on SIC basis
  • Mt. Fuji & Hakone Tour with Lunch by Coach includes Lake Ashi cruise and Komagatake Ropeway on SIC basis Experience Tea Ceremony wearing a Kimono in Kyoto without transfers from Kyoto
  • Kyoto & Nara 1-Day Tour with Lunch from Kyoto on SIC basis Osaka Hiroshima & Miyajima Tour (Round Trip from Osaka)
  • Kobe Sightseeing and Nada Sake Brewery Tour with Lunch (Round Trip from Osaka) High speed bullet train ticket from Tokyo to Kyoto
  • Transfers from Tokyo Airport to Tokyo hotel to Tokyo train station on SIC basis Transfers from Osaka train station to Osaka hotel to Osaka Airport on SIC basis Air Conditioned Bus for sightseeings and transfers
  • Entrance fees to sights mentioned in itinerary
  • Transfers other than mentioned above 
  • Surcharge for transfers between 2300 - 0730 hours
  • Surcharges applicable during Conventions, Special Events and Trade fairs
  • Peak Season Surcharges for Christmas,New Year & Chinese New Year
  • Entrance fees to sights mentioned in itinerary
  • Cost of Meals other than those specified in inclusions
  • Cost of foreign exchange for personal expenses
  • Early check-in and late check-out are on request basis only and subject to room availability
  • Expenses of personal nature, mini bar in the room, Laundry, telephone bills, tips, gratuities etc
Destination Hotel Name Hotel Category
Tokyo Hotel Sunroute Higashi Shinjuku 3 Star
Kyoto ibis Styles Kyoto Station 3 Star
Osaka Hotel Il Monte 3 Star
Adult Single Adult Double Adult Tripple Child with Bed Child Without Bed Infant
NPR 399,000/- NPR 325,000/- NPR 325,000/- NPR 310,000/- NPR 299,000/- NPR 20,000/-
Category Price per Adult Price per Child Price per infant

  • All rates are based on minimum 2Pax traveling together at all tours.
  • Surcharges apply for any trade fair/special event/weekend in City  or any other event in city.
  • Child age → 2-11 and 12 or above 12  year considered as an adult.
  • All rates and availability are subject to change at the time of booking.
  • We reserve the right to use alternative accommodation, sightseeing tours and transfer of equal or higher standard.
  • No refunds either in part or full will be made for any unused services in above package like ground transportation, meals, accommodation, sightseeing tours.
  • We are not responsible for any missed breakfast due to flight timings.
  • No Intercity surface transfers are included unless specified in the package.
  • We are not responsible for any baggage charges by any airlines for the clients.
  • Payment for the tour must be Paid 15 days befor the Traveld date